The following is a suggested timeline and checklist for planning and preparing for your new smoke-free law. We have identified both potential activities leading up to implementation, as well as those following the effective date.

Implementation Timeline

Most smoke-free ordinances at the local level take effect 30 to 60 days after enactment. Statewide laws may allow more time to prepare for implementation and even provide funding for this purpose.

For statewide laws, it is recommended to allow three to six months between enactment and the effective date to prepare for implementation.

If your local or state law doesn't provide this much time, that's OK. A critical lesson we've learned from experience is to be proactive, try and catch up, and do what you can to plan and prepare.

If you would like help using this checklist and the other materials on this website, contact one of the states or communities that have already implemented a law like yours or a national organization like Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights or the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.


See what you need to do six months before implementation