The following is a set of activities, events, and tools you'll need to consider as you plan for, implement and support your new or expanded smoke-free law:

Implementation Tools

Develop a State or Local Web Site

One of the most effective and efficient ways to support the implementation of a smoke-free law is developing a state or local smoke-free Web site with an easy-to-remember name such as or

Include a media newsroom on your site. As the effective date draws near, media and educational materials can drive the press, businesses and the public to the new Web site for detailed information.


Use Media Advocacy

Media advocacy is the strategic use of the media to promote social change or policy – in this case, the implementation of smoke-free laws. It can be an effective and inexpensive way to educate the media and the community, and counter the tobacco industry's “doom and gloom” predictions with solid facts and local stories about successful smoke-free venues. Here are some ways to do it:

Need help with media advocacy ideas? Download sample press releases and op-ed articles from our media section. You can also use our sample survey questions to track the success of your implementation program.


Set up a Smoke-free Hotline

Set up a state or local telephone hotline for questions about the new law. Provide information on how to comply, how to file a complaint, enforcement procedures, smoking cessation and how to access the local smoke-free website.


Create a Business Education Kit

Create a packet of information for restaurants and/or bars containing:

Learn more about keeping businesses in the loop about the upcoming law, and download and customize professionaly designed print materials such as coasters and signage.


Recruit Volunteers

Recruit volunteers to collect ashtrays and matchbooks from restaurants and bars. Work with a local artist to create a smoke-free sculpture from these items, and notify the media when it's ready. Produce smoke-free stickers , buttons , hats , posters or T-shirts to distribute to volunteers and businesses during the weeks before the effective date of the new law.


Develop Advertising and PSAs

Develop Paid Advertising and Free PSAs or (public service announcements) for daily and weekly newspapers, television, radio, public transportation, bus shelters and billboards. Place an ad in your local Chamber of Commerce newsletter or other business journal.

Need help getting started with ad ideas? You can download and customize these print ads to help you get the word out about the upcoming laws.


Plan an Implementation Day Celebration

The media will be out in full force on implementation day looking for stories to cover. Be sure that supporters will be out supporting businesses, and that the local media knows where to find you.


Host an Anniversary Party

Take time out to congratulate yourself and all of the organizations and activists involved in the passage and implementation of the new law with a one-month, six-month, or one-year anniversary party for your new law. Get local media attention and focus on how well the law is going, and how the law is improving everyone's health without harming business!