Media and Public Outreach

These templates can help you educate the media and the public about secondhand smoke and your new smoke-free law. Positive and informative media attention is a critical part of a successful smoke-free education campaign, and can be achieved through public relations as well as paid advertising. Media advocacy , the use of free media to promote and support policy, can also be an effective and inexpensive way to educate the public and counter any misinformation with solid facts and local stories.


Sample Media Memo


Sample Op-Ed Pieces

Use this sample opinion piece to come up with ideas for your own op-ed pieces that you can write and submit to your local newspapers.


Sample Letters to Editor

The strongest letters to the editor explain who you are and why you care about the new smoke-free laws. Use these to get members of the community who care about the health and comfort of their friends and families to write in support of going smoke free.


Sample Press Releases

Customize these sample press releases to keep the good news about going smoke free in people's minds. Also, use these as a springboard for other press release ideas that are keyed in to your communities' needs and concerns.



Customize this brochure so that it appropriately reflects the laws and circumstances around your communities going smoke free.


Sample Advertisements

Download these sample print ads to come up with ideas for your own ad campaigns, or download them, send them to your professional print shop and customize them to suit your needs.
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